Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Warm Weather

I decided to take advantage of the warm days and clear away the dead Boston Fern's from the deck.

These pots on the deck had enormous Boston Fern's in them from spring until this past weekend.  We have had some cold weather here and they were frost-bitten.  So they had to go.  They were beautiful, but I will not plant these containers with Boston Fern again.  They got very large and bushy and in doing so, they intruded into the deck space making it a little close out there.  I don't know what I will plant here in the spring.  I'll have to think about that.

The town has changed the policy on what types of bags we are to use for yard waste beginning January 1. We are going from clear plastic bags (which were impossible to find and positively awful for yard waste) to these brown paper bags from Lowe's.  This is a much better choice.  These paper bags are enormous and they do not tear like the plastic bags.  I decided to get a head start and use the paper bags even before the January 1 deadline.

As is evident in this picture, we are going to need to replace one of the planters.  I'm not exactly certain how this happened.  Partially from age.  This will go and we will replace it with another in the same color.  I like these round green planters.

We are in for rain and snow overnight and a rather cold weekend.  We will move back to our inside projects.
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