Thursday, January 30, 2014

And Talking About the Cutting Board

I have had this huge cutting board for many years.

I like to leave it out on the counter so it is there when I need it.  For awhile I kept it tucked away in the pantry and relied on a much smaller board that I kept in the cabinet above the counter.  But I thought that was silly.  I have this beautiful board which is not only extremely useful but it beautiful to look at tucked away in a closet.  So I brought it out a few months ago.  I use it regularly when making salads or cutting up fruit for a Nutri-Blast.  All that use is hard on a board, so I take care of it with an application of Boos Block Board Cream from time to time.  It was looking a little weary last night, so I applied a goodly amount of the board cream on and let it sit overnight.

This is very simple to do.  Just squeeze a small amount at a time directly on the board and rub it into the wood with your bare fingertips.

Around and around and around we went until we the entire surface of the board was coated with this essential cream.  As the instructions say, I let it sit overnight.

This morning I wiped it down with a clean paper towel and it looks much nicer.  The majority of the board cream is absorbed into the wood overnight, so there is not much residue to remove in the morn.  It is essential to take care of your wooden cutting board to prevent it from cracking or splitting.  And of course never, never put it in the dishwasher.  In between Boos Block applications I simply wipe it clean with a warm cloth and a little dish soap.  If you are interested in preserving your cutting board you can find this Boos Block cream at Sur La Table, either in their stores or online.  Good luck with your cutting board maintenance.
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