Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Gift of Style from my Friend, Melinda

Today has been a day of posts about Christmas gifts.  The first post about the beautiful Christmas tree ornament from my niece, Sarah Paige.  And now this gift from one of my dearest friends, Melinda Levitt, to add to my library of icons of the 20th century; C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon, by Susanna Salk.

And, indeed, Mrs. Guest was just that.  This is first and foremost a picture book.  A coffee table book.  I will tell you that the photography inside is extraordinary.  I already have the perfect space in mind for this work of art.

I always love to receive books with handwritten notes or signatures.  I especially love this note from Melinda.  I love you too, honey.  And I'm glad I am your favorite style icon.

I took a picture of this page because I think Mrs. Guest summed it up accurately with this quote.  Style truly is what you are on the inside.  What you are on the inside is what comes out and what you show to the world.  Style is not taught.  It is innate.

Thank you Susanna Salk for putting this extraordinary book together for all to enjoy!

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