Friday, September 6, 2013

Digital Security Door Camera

We recently purchased a new security device for Crest Avenue.  It is called a Digital Security Door Camera and it takes the place of the traditional "peephole" which most of us have in our front doors.  I thought this was a very good idea and an important upgrade.  I believe we have added another layer of protection at Crest Avenue with the installation of this new security device.  I will share with you here the device I chose, the price and the installation process.

We went with the HomeTech 2.8" LCD Digital Security Door Viewer from HSN (  Price, $79.95.  HSN is currently offering Flex-Pay on this device which means you can pay for it in two installments, and you get free shipping and handling.  You do not need an HSN credit card to enjoy this pay option.  Any major credit card can be billed in two separate payments for this item.

So we started this project by removing the existing peephole.  This handy little tool is included in the purchase of the new camera.

Once the peephole was removed, we were left with the hole in the door where the new camera was to be installed.

This original peephole was a combination peephole and door knocker as seen below.

Once we removed the original peephole, we were left with an opening in the door knocker on the exterior side of the door as seen below.  Would the new camera fit in this existing configuration?

Indeed it did.  Here we are with the new lens installed, red arrow up, as instructed in the paperwork.  The diameter of the lens in this new camera was a little larger than the previous one, but not so much that it affected the installation or the final look.

Here is what the package looks like when opened.  You have the camera unit, the lens with the video cable and three choices of barrels to use, depending on the width of your door.

The whole thing installed very easily.  You first need to remove the 3M backing from the mounting bracket and center that over the existing peephole in your door. Once you have that in place, insert the lens from the exterior side of the door through the peephole being very careful not to bend or pinch the video cable.  And making sure the lens has the red arrow "up" as we talked about above.  Choose the correct barrel size for your door from the three provided in the package.  Carefully feed the video cable through the barrel.  Insert the barrel into the peephole and tighten it by hand to the threads on the lens.  Finally, use the tool provided in the box that you used to remove the old peephole to tighten the barrel.

Now all you do is plug the video cable into the back of the camera and slip the camera over the mounting bracket on the interior side of the door.  If you look closely in the picture above you will see a small hole in the bottom of the mounting bracket.  There is a set screw provided which you install at the very end of the installation which holds the camera firmly in place.  And finally, here is what you have on the interior side of your door.

It is a nice, clean look on the door.  Very streamlined.  I like it.

Another advantage of this device is that it provides complete security for you and the other occupants of your home.  With a regular peephole like the one we removed, light shines through the peephole from inside the house.  When you put your eye to the peephole, it blocks the light from shining through so the person outside knows someone is looking at them through the peephole.  With this camera, you do not have to worry about that.

When you consider the price of this device, it is quite reasonable for the peace of mind it will bring to you and your family.    
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