Friday, January 31, 2014

A Stop in Lacoste

As I have previously mentioned, we are off to the playground in the desert tomorrow.  Las Vegas, baby!!  I usually start making lists as soon as we start planning a trip anywhere and this time was no different.  One of the items on "one" of the lists was a stop at the local Lacoste shop.

I LOVE this store.  It is very small. Almost like walking in a very large walk-in closet.  But they always have just what I'm looking for and this time was no different.  First thing on the list was a couple pair of ankle height socks.

These are so comfortable to wear with casual shoes.  I will be wearing a pair of gray canvas loafers on the plane and these will work perfectly.

Then, of course, a new baseball cap.  I especially liked this one with the croc on the side rather than in the middle on the front.  They had some caps that had a huge croc on the from the hat.  Didn't like that.  I like the original sized croc and on the side just adds a little something to it.

Of course, the adjuster band in the back with the Lacoste insignia.  Everything is in the details.  Little things make all the difference.

And finally, here it is from the top in navy blue.

I am partially packed and will finish that this evening.  I have a few errands left to run today - pick up jeans from tailor, print boarding pass, remember iPhone charger, box for Baxter food.  Oh!!  Baxter will not be going on this trip.  He will be staying at the spa next week.  I have prepared his breakfast and dinner food for each day but I need to get a box to put all of the pouches in to transport them.  One other thing on my list was to "check Turbo-Tax."  I wanted to know if my refund had issued.  Just so you know, the IRS is starting today to work on tax returns.  So if you were an early-bird like me, you are going to have to wait a few weeks until they catch up.

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