Monday, January 6, 2014

Speaking of Poinsettia, ...

I bought this little poinsettia somewhere along the way this holiday season.  I wanted to transplant it to a clay pot, but the local big box home and garden centers have closed the outdoor garden areas.  So you do not have access to anything outdoor related.  I either could not enter the garden center or the shelves that normally hold the clay pots were empty.  What to do.  I took a ceramic measuring bowl from the kitchen and placed it there still inside the green plastic pot.  At least I could water it.  But I was not pleased with this look.

So I went hunting in the home improvement closet and I found this roll of burlap.  You will remember that I used this same roll to finish the front door fall wreath project in the fall.

A little while later we had a perfectly wonderful looking pot.  I simply wound the fringed burlap around the green plastic pot for a couple of turns and then cut it.

Not only did this make the plant more visually appealing, but it secured it tightly in the ceramic measuring bowl for a nice, finished look.  Quite honestly, I prefer this look over transferring it to a clay pot.  As with the other, larger poinsettias, I will endeavor to keep this watered and fertilized and blooming as long as possible. Eventually it will need to be moved to a larger pot, but for now we will enjoy it like this.

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