Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A gift for Bob & Bette

We got together with Bob and Bette on New Year's Eve and did a gift exchange.  Bev was visiting from Erie so it was an especially fun evening.  I got them a large basket of goodies from Homegoods.  This had all sorts of delicious delectables.  Cheeses and crackers and olives and chocolate - you name it; it was in there.

As I was walking through the store, I also found this 2' long French whip.  Now that's a whisk.  I couldn't resist giving this as a gift.  The problem was to find a way to present it.  I wasn't going to just wrap paper around it.  Finding a box turned out to be a project in futility.  What to do?

And then it hit me.  A cylindrical wine gift box!!  That would work.  Well, almost.  The whisk fit in the opening perfectly, but I wasn't going to present it to them like this.

So, I bought some greenery.  Some sparkly, frosted greenery.  You can't have enough sparkly, frosted greenery at Christmas for me.

And a few seconds later, BAM!  Present ready to present!  Believe me, there is a 2' whisk behind that shock of greenery.

Now all that was needed was to put the basket of goodies and the whisk in a gift bag and wait for them to arrive.  It was a fun gift to give and made for lively and interesting conversation; which became livelier and more interesting as the evening progressed and empty wine bottles started to rattle.

 There are a multitude of ways to present gifts outside of the traditional gift wrapped box.

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