Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.  We had a very special "eve" party at Crest Avenue with a small group which included our dear friend Bev and Bob and Bette.  We served apple martinis and many trays of delectable foodstuff to include these luscious key lime tarts.

I cannot tell you how delicious these were.  This was the first time I made them and I would definitely make them again.

Then there was the shrimp dip.

This is delicious.  I have made it many times over the years.  It is very simple to make and includes a can of Campbell's Cream of Shrimp soup, cream cheese and celery and a few other ingredients which I will share with you.

For dinner we had lasagne;

and a real Caesar salad, which was assembled just before we sat down to eat.

The lasagne was a very simple recipe with ground beef in a tomato sauce which you make yourself.  I used low-fat Ricotta cheese in-between the meat sauce layers.  It was very good but I will make notes along the pages in the cookbook I used for this to add an additional container of ricotta cheese and to double the meat sauce.  The seasonings were perfect, so I do not want to change that.  But the amount of Ricotta and meat sauce it called for were a little "skimpy" for my taste.  All things considered, it was a marvelous meal and a fun time with good friends.
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