Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How To Make a Nutri-Blast Drink

Today I decided I would share with you how to make a Nutri-Blast drink in the Nutri-Bullet since we have been talking about this over the past few days.  So here goes.

We start with a handful of spinach, one sliced banana, three frozen peach slices and a little fat-free milk.  I know I told you yesterday that I used water.  Ignore that post.  Use a little fat-free milk.  It makes all the difference in the taste.

For good measure, a scoop of Vitality Superboost on top.  You could also add some flax seed.  I ran out so that's why you don't see it here.

Screw on the base with the emulsifying blades.

Turn the whole thing upside-down and place it in the Nutri-Bullet base.


And this is what you have when you remove the blade base.

A nice tall glass of goodness.

With a straw.  Although, this was so thick that it was difficult to drink through a straw.

As I said yesterday, it is so incredibly easy to clean.  There are just these two parts.  Run them under some hot water and wipe them with a paper towel and you are done.  Nothing like having to clean a juicer. UGH!! I had a juicer for awhile and I did not enjoy using it because of the clean up.

There you have it.  Rinsed clean and wiped down and in the strainer to dry completely.

That drink is gone!!!  Cleaned the glass and added that to the strainer to drip dry.

And finally, the milk.  It takes just a little to give some delicious added flavor to these.  Of course you can adjust the amount you use to your liking - a little more or a little less until you get it just right.  I hope you will give a Nutri-Bullet a try.  I am certain you will be glad you did!
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