Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So Many Christmas Cards

I received an enormous delivery of Christmas cards this year, as I do every year.  Many of my friends and family and clients still mail the traditional Christmas card, as I do myself.  I know we are living in the time of electronic greetings being sent throughout the year for holidays and birthdays.  But I still enjoy buying and signing and addressing cards.

I am lucky that I have the perfect nook in the bridge which connects the two cabinets in the wall unit in the dining room in which to display my cards.

Since my birthday is so close to Christmas (November 4), I like to display my birthday cards along with the Christmas cards.  There is even a Halloween card here from my friend Bev.

And on the other side of the bridge, more cards.  (Another from Bev in the center with the vertical red stripe.)

I save all greeting cards I receive and I have for many, many years.  I cannot throw them out.  There is something about tossing them out that is just too unpleasant.  So I keep them, in boxes and in the envelope. I know that may sound silly, but that's what I do.
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