Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Is Done for Another Year

I love Christmas.  It is such a wonderful time of year.  But, no matter how much you may love the season, like all good things, it must come to an end.

I cleared the mantel yesterday.  While I like the mantel like this, it is sad to see it without Christmas decoration.

Here is a picture of the top of the wall unit in the dining room as it was decorated for Christmas this year.

And another.  The carousel was a new addition this year.  I got it from HSN.  It added a lot of charm to the winter woodland theme.  It got lost behind the lighted garland so I brought in two bricks from a pile of bricks next to the shed and set it atop those.  That fixed the problem straight away.

Here is a picture of the other end of the wall unit with the mercury glass trees and a couple trees I glittered.

Alas, Christmas is over so all of the decoration is now gone from atop the wall unit  I have to figure out what I want to do here.  I am thinking of adding some sort of lighting.  Something that would be hidden from eyesight but would give a warm glow.  What about that flexible tubing that is lighted?  I'll look into that. Also, I think I want the entire top covered in different heights and styles of candles.  They will have to be battery powered, of course, since the top of this unit is so close to the ceiling.  We have another project to figure out for the new year!

This beautiful glittered reindeer is back in his hiding place.

As is his brother.  My sister found these for me.  Well, she found a store near to her house that sold these and a multitude of other home furnishing items.  It was the most delightful place.  Unfortunately, during the economic downturn in 2008, they closed their doors.  Very sad.  But at least I got these two beautiful sculpted reindeer before the shutdown.

And finally a table full of Christmas to be put away for another year.  This isn't all of the Christmas decoration.  I have another table full in another room.  Getting all of this packed up and put away will take some time, being careful not to damaged anything during the process.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season this year.  All the best for 2014!!
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