Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spinach Storage

During my walk-thru of the basement last Friday, I found a cotton salad crisper bag.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this and knew that I had good use for it.  For my "green drinks" made using my Nutribullet, the main ingredient is baby spinach.  The spinach does not keep well in the bag in which it comes to the store.  I usually end up throwing the last bit of it out before I can use it all which is very disappointing. Hopefully I will no longer have that problem.  Here is my plan.

Every week when I go to market, I buy a bag of Baby Spinach.  I use it primarily in my "green drinks."  But it is also delicious added to romaine or iceberg lettuces in salads.  Sometimes I do a mixture of all three with tomato and thinly sliced onion and grapefruit wedges.  That is a delicious salad with a little Green Goddess dressing.  The problem with the spinach is, it does not last very long kept in the bag from the store.

I found this salad crisper bag tucked away in the basement.

The instructions could not be clearer.  Wash, drain, place loosely in the bag.  Shake thoroughly and place in the refrigerator.

So I washed and drained the spinach.

Placed it in the bag and shook thoroughly.

Which left me with a nice, fresh cotton bag of baby spinach.

Into the crisper with it.  I also turned the humidity control for this drawer to the lowest setting.

We are going to try this for a week and see what happens.  I don't see how it could be any worse than keeping it in the bag from the store.
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