Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Sneak Peek at An Upcoming Post

My super good friend, Bev, gave me a parcel of seeds from Hudson Valley Seeds as a Christmas gift.

I must get these in starter pots as soon as possible so we can enjoy a bountiful harvest during the summer. Since Bev was so kind to select just the right seed packets, I need to be vigilant in planting and caring for the seeds to make sure they root properly.  So, I bought a Hydrofarm.

I ordered mine from  I order most everything from because they have everything you could possibly ever want or need at  I'm not certain how they do that, but they do.  I would like to talk to Jeff Bezos just once because that was one brilliant idea he had to start

But back to the hydrofarm.  It arrived yesterday.

You see the snow is still lingering.  We aren't getting much melting going on when the high temperature during the day is 19 degrees like it was yesterday.  It is 25 right now!!

And here it is.  The Jump Start Grow Light System.  I cannot WAIT it get this set up.

I like the fact that you can use it all year round.  And why not.  Good efficiency.  We'll see how simple it is to assemble and how sturdy it is.  I like the design.  They refer to it as "sleek" and I guess that is a good description based on the picture on the box.

The idea is to plant and set the light low and then adjust it upward as the seeds begin to bloom.  This should be great fun and we will be taking pictures and sharing them with you along the way.
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