Monday, January 27, 2014

Continuing the Dining Room Improvements

A few years ago, actually one of the first projects we covered on Welcome to Crest Avenue, was the fireplace renovation.


We took it from this faux stone finish;

to this beautiful Platinum Grey finish.  And then finally;

to this most chic look with the entire facade painted Platinum Grey around the gas insert.  A really stunning look.

During this past year we removed the large Queen Anne banquet style dining room table in our continuing upgrade.  That table was taken to my sisters property in Midlothian, VA.  Her house is large enough to accommodate two large dining tables so she was happy to have it.  She and her husband entertain frequently with friends in their neighborhood and people from church.  And they have small children.  Well, not small anymore.  Nathan is 13 and Sarah Paige is 8 now.  The children have friends in from school and from the neighborhood.  Theirs is a busy household.

I have, just this week, offered this wall unit to my sister which she has agreed to take.  This is currently in the dining room at Crest Avenue.  I love it but it is taking up too much room.  So off to Midlothian with this sometime over the next couple months.

This cabinet came from Bombay Co.  Many of you will remember Bombay Co.  It was just a few years ago, during the recession that they closed their stores in the United States.  They have since re-opened with a website located at  They have wonderful home furnishings.
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