Thursday, January 30, 2014

Look at All'em Seeds

Yesterday I decided to take a closer look at exactly what type of seeds Bev gave me for Christmas.  So I laid them all out on this cutting board.

By doing this, I will be better able to form a plan for where I would like to plant each different seed pack. For instance, I know I will plant the Basil Bouquet and the Garlic Chives in a pot.  Maybe the same pot. The Red Noodle Bean, the Sweet Salad Pepper and the Cherokee Purple Tomato in pots with cages of some description so they can vine. The Ashworth Sweet Corn and Rainbow Okra in a small garden plot near the greenhouse.  The Purple Peacock Broccoli and Rainbow Chard in a separate garden plot.  And the flowering seeds in hanging baskets.  That is the plan as of today.  It will, most likely, change somewhat over time.  We'll know more about that when time comes to plan.

After I walked by them a few times and made some notes I decided to put them back in the cute little disposable garden container they came in.  This will keep them organized until we get them planted in seed pots and under the new Hydrofarm.  The plan is, since we will be in Las Vegas all of next week, to get these seeds planted as soon as we return.  I'm very excited to get started on this and I look forward to a wonderful harvest.
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