Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Keeping Your Dog Safe from Human Foods

Today we are going to change course a little bit and talk about something very important.  I am going to give you a list of five common foods that we all consume but which can be harmful or fatal to your best friend.

1.  Chocolate - Most dog owners know to keep it away.  The chemical which gives chocolate it's distinctive taste, especially dark chocolate, can be fatal.

2.  Grapes - Some dogs are especially sensitive to grapes (and raisins) and can suffer kidney damage from eating them.

3.  Onions - Can damage their red blood cell production.  Garlic is also harmful.

4.  Avocado - Avocados contain persin.  This substance can be highly toxic to dogs.

5.  Alcohol - They cannot process alcohol nearly as well as humans and it can be fatal for some.

I know it would kill me if I EVER unknowingly gave Baxter something as a treat that made him sick.  I knew about the chocolate and the onions and I assumed alcohol was not good for them.  Baxter does like his red wine.  I have found his nose buried in more than one glass of it over the years.  But I did not know about grapes and avocados, both of which are plentiful at Crest Avenue.

I thought you all would like having this list which you can print and place on your refrigerator with a magnet so that everyone in the family knows which foods to keep away from Fido!

I want to see many more of these sly looks over the years.
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