Monday, January 6, 2014

Incandescent Lightbulbs are Now "Illegal"

Well, maybe not entirely.  We can still buy the bulbs which are on store shelves without being thrown in jail.

But as that stock dwindles, we will no longer have the choice of buying incandescent over LED or halogen or any array of newer, more efficient lightbulbs.  The "illegal" part comes in with the manufacture or importation of incandescent lightbulbs.  As of January 1, it is illegal to manufacture or import these lightbulbs into the United States.  I am torn on how I feel about this.  I realize that we must move ahead; that we cannot become stagnant and not look for better and more efficient ways of living.  I mean, I'm sure there were people from the time before electric lighting who thought that the invention of the electric lightbulb was a move in the wrong direction.  Or that it was satanic.  I'm sure that some derided it and either continued to use candlelight or gas for their lighting.  Of course, the electric incandescent bulb was indeed a boon to society and I suppose no more "satanic" than anything other invention.  So now, in 2014, we take the next step in electric lighting in the form of bulbs which are more efficient, which use less energy, than the previous ones.  I dare say anyone will really notice.  Other than the initial expense.  One thing I know I will enjoy is that these new bulbs will last a good deal longer than the incandescent bulbs.  Even though we will pay more for them initially, in the end, we will save money from having to constantly change incandescent bulbs.  And I expect there will be savings on the home electric bill.  So these are good things.  As for me and my generation, I suppose we will view this as another of a long list of things which are changing - changing too fast for many of us - and we will "smart-off" about our lives and our country no longer being "free."  I don't know if switching over to LED lightbulbs is really a loss of our freedom or more just another change along the road of life.  You know, we have cars now which have ignitions inside and we no longer have to crank the engine with an external crank handle too.  Things change.  And as much as we don't like change (me included) honestly, I think this lightbulb thing really will be a good thing.
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