Thursday, January 16, 2014

And While We Are on the Topic of Grooming, ...

I am loving these new bath products for men from Dove.

Very nice products.  Not heavily perfumed, which most men do not want.  A good thing to look into for the guys or a nice gift from the girls to that favorite guy.

Don't forget, also, that we ALL need the right stuff in the shower and that includes a back brush and a good quality bath sponge.  I replaced the traditional wash cloths in the shower many years ago.  These large bath sponges work well for men and women.

I found these at Target.  The bath sponge is large, which is very nice.  The back brush is much nicer than the one I previously owned.  It has a nice long handle so you can clean your back thoroughly.  The handle is arched which makes this job even easier.

The handle also has a very good ridged grip on the end which keeps it from slipping out of your hand.  My previous back brush had a wooden handle with no grip.  The handle was too short.  Ugh.  This is a nice upgrade.  Little things like this can make the morning routine a whole lot nicer.
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