Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vegas Vacation Continued

The weather was pleasant while we were in Las Vegas last week.  It was quite chilly in the morning but warmed to the mid and upper fifties during the day.  That was a much needed relief from the bitter cold we have sustained these past few months here in the east.  Every morning I would go for a walk.  At home I am on the treadmill each morning for at least 20 minutes.  But there is nothing like taking your morning cardio along the Las Vegas Strip.

They have done the most interesting thing out there with solving the problem of pedestrian crossings.  Many of the cross streets along the Strip have these overhead crosswalks rather than the standard crossing areas like in most cities.  There are a few places where you can cross on street level but mostly it is all done overhead.  This one was leading from the Wynn Resort to the Palazzo.  You have the option of entering the esplanade shoppes or taking the elevator down to the street.

Inside the Forum Shops at Cesar's Palace I found this DeBeers shop with plaid glass fronts.  This photograph does not do it justice.  This was a wonderfully clean and spectacular look.  Very ingenious.

Moving from floor to floor in the Forum Shops is done on these curving escalators.

Here is another picture of the curving escalators.  These are the most interesting things and an engineering marvel.  I was studying them closely as I was riding along to see if I could figure out the mechanics of the whole thing and how it was designed.  I have to admit it was more than I could grasp.  So I just enjoyed watching them carry people.

After leaving the Forum Shops and making my way along the Strip to the MGM Grand, I came upon this most unusual building where you will find Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford (a favorite), and Louis Vuitton.  Isn't the architecture of the building out of this world?  In the background are condos which are relatively new to the Strip.  They have built some magnificent condos over the past few years.

So there is another part of the trip.
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