Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Gifts

I have a couple Valentine's gifts to send every year and this year was no different.  As we have discussed here before, the gift does not need to be extravagant or expensive.  Sometimes the simplest of things make the biggest impact.  It has more  to do with the presentation and the fact that you took time and put the gift together yourself.  Of course, if you happen to stop by Black, Starr and Frost and find something sparkly in the case, that never hurts!!!  But it's not imperative.

This year for my friend Bev, I put together a box that was just perfect.

I started with this cute card from The Paper Source.  I loved the design on the front and the fact that it was blank inside.  That gave me a chance to make up my very own message.

Sort of corny, but a spin on an old favorite.  This was done on my computer on a piece of plain white paper. Cut it out and adhere it to the inside of the card with a strip of double-sided tape along the top and you are ready to go.

First gift was this cute set of fingertip towels with Scotties embroidered on them.  So incredibly cute.

And a heart-shaped box of Oreo's dipped in Belgian Chocolate.  Maybe even double-dipped.  I cannot remember.  Either way, they had to be delicious.

Here are the two gifts together.  They compliment each other perfectly.  So there is not something pink in the box and then something orange.

Finally, the two gift items were packed for shipping.  Lots of colorful tissue in the bottom of the box. Then the gifts.  Then more tissue and the card on top.  This was packed and shipped on Tuesday by Fedex for Thursday delivery, which was perfect.

I got an email from Bev telling me how much she liked the gifts and that it had been a long time since she had received a heart-shaped box of candies for Valentine's Day.  It wasn't a diamond ring, but I think she really appreciated the thought.  So, guys and gals, you can keep it simple and still make your special someone very happy.
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