Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some Las Vegas Bling for Crest Avenue

I don't know if all the bling from Las Vegas took hold of me or what.  But I'm putting a little "bling" in the bath at Crest Avenue.

Shower curtain liners become dingy and dirty just like everything else and they need be replaced.  As you can see below, we were in desperate need of a new one at Crest Avenue.

This will not do.  This appears to be stained from hair color.

Here we have a little mold and mildew forming.  A spray of bleach with certainly help to eradicate this, but you can only do that but so many times before the bleach starts to take a toll on the plastic.

This time around we opted for a light weight fabric shower curtain liner.  I prefer the fabric liners as opposed to the plastic or PEVA liners.  The fabric liners hold up better and last longer and they can be washed in the washing machine.  You would never do that with a plastic shower curtain.

After we got the old liner down and the new linger in place, I decided I had had enough of these roller ball hooks.  I have had these forever and I wanted a new look.  Sometimes we need a change; an upgrade. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with what we've got.  We just want a change.  So was the case here.

I found this nice set of shower curtain hooks with little sparkly cut jewels in the center at Target.  Just perfect.

Not too much bling, but just enough to give an updated look to the bath.

Here, a look from below.

And finally a look straight on.  So now we have a nice, fresh new shower curtain liner and some nicely updated shower curtain hooks to give a new look to the bath.  And for very little money.  The shower curtain hooks were $11 and change and the new liner was $10.  So for a little over $20 we have a nice upgrade. Target has everything you need to upgrade your bath.
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