Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cereal, Delicious Cereal

One day last week on Facebook, my friend Dana Moos ( commented about a show she was watching about the history of cereal.  What ensued was a long string of comments from me and other of her friends about the cereals we ate growing up.  The following day I walked in to the local Walmart and what did I find inside the front door?

This enormous stack of cereal.  During our conversation we reminisced about many different types of cereal which brought back fond memories - Capt'n Crunch, Sugar Pops, Lucky Charms (Dana likes these the best), Apple Jacks, Alpha-Bits, etc.  We forgot Trix, which you see here.  When I was a child, many, many years ago now, we did not have Reese's Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  We had Cheerios but not Honey Nut Cheerios.  I still eat cereal, although not as much as I used to primarily because of the carbs.  Even the healthy cereals have too many carbs for someone with diabetes.  But a bowl every now and then is a nice treat.  I think I would like to try Reese's Puffs.  Those have to be good.  Maybe just a little bowl.
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