Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Follow-up On the Avocado Oil Dressing

In a word, ... bad.  Two words.  Really bad.  I was shocked at just how bad it was.  I even re-read the recipe, threw out the first batch I made, and then made a fresh batch on the off-chance I got something wrong the first time.  Nope.  It is not a good combination.  Which really shocks me because I would have thought this would have been taste-tested before they put it on the label.  Not good.

Here is what the recipe called for.

All of that sounded perfectly normal to me.  I was expecting a great new taste sensation.  Didn't happen.

Just because this recipe did not turn out as we expected does not mean that we are giving up on avocado oil. There are plenty of other ways to use this most beneficial oil and we will be looking into those way.  We will start with this website (  Give this article a read and I think you will be amazed, as I was, at all the beneficial properties of avocado oil.  Really good for diabetics, like me.  Please check out this site.  I think you will be glad you did.
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