Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Please Don't Take My Starbucks

Sometimes people get confused and take things from the refrigerator at work that they think belong to them. It's a sort of amnesia.  Sometimes this form of amnesia can last for hours, days or even weeks after the person has consumed item(s) from the refrigerator.  When asked if they have seen (fill in the blank) in the refrigerator, their response is usually "no-ooooo.  What was it?  When did you bring it in?"

So, in an effort to dissuade someone from this unusual form of amnesia, I am employing this method of labeling.

I know.  These labels can be easily removed.  But I am hoping that it will help to prevent this form of amnesia from taking hold.

And speaking of these iced coffees, they are delicious.  Starbucks has a winner.  Each bottle is 50 calories and has only 5g of carbohydrate and 3g of sugar.  So you can enjoy the entire 11 ounce bottle and not be guilt ridden for the rest of the day.  Oh, did I mention they are delicious.
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