Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inside the Wynn and Encore Resorts

Every year I find something new and exciting to photograph at the Wynn and Encore resort hotels.  This year was no different.  Here are some of the beautiful pictures I took while visiting.

Here we are at the entrance to The Mirage with a picture of the Wynn and Encore resort buildings in the background.  My cousin works security at The Mirage and I visited with him while we were there.

In the Chinese New Year, it is the year of the Horse.  The Wynn lobby erected this spectacular carousel in honor.

The ceilings are decorated  throughout all of the public areas in one way or another.  This ceiling is full of butterflies.

This was an area just inside one of the lesser used entrances which I found myself using daily.  It was more comfortable to come and go through this entrance rather than the main entrance which gets busy with people coming and going all day long.

This was the lobby on our floor.  This was a black, faux alligator wall covering which was stunning.

Inside the elevators was equally as elegant as outside.  I wanted to see Le Reve while we were there, but it was not in the cards for this trip.  Next year I definitely want to see this show in the Wynn Theatre.

Even the ceiling in the elevators is decorated.  Everything, everywhere is decorated and over the top.  There is not one surface that has not been given extensive thought and planning.

These beautiful peacocks flanking the entrance to the Baccarat tables were magnificent.

Here we are at the main reception desk at Encore on our way home at 4:00 AM.  The trip was wonderful but finally the day had come to return.

A gorgeous display of fresh flowers in the main lobby.

And these over the top red chandeliers in the main entrance and throughout the gaming area.

And finally this beautiful red crystal chandelier just inside the main entrance.  Just amazing.  You know what Las Vegas is to me.  It's an amusement park for adults.  I had that realization on this trip.  Just like theme parks are designed and built for children, Las Vegas is designed and built for adults.  There is just not one corner that does not catch your attention and keep you enthralled from the time you arrive.  I guess that is why it is so popular.  I think people want to escape from everyday life and trouble and strife, if only for a few days and go off to some land of make-believe and pretend.  Las Vegas is that place.
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