Monday, February 24, 2014

Credit Card Organization

We live in a world ruled by credit and debit cards.  I rarely use an ATM these days to get cash.  Why bother when nearly every retail establishment takes a form of debit or credit card to pay for everything from a bottle of water to concert tickets to an anniversary trip around the world.  Cash has become, well, ... passe.  I have found that keeping all of those credit cards in one place is essential.

So I employ this handy black leather binder to keep track of all my cards.  In here I have all of my credit cards neatly arranged.  I also keep my frequent flier cards and other loyalty cards in this binder.  In the very back, I keep business cards.  This is the original purpose of the binder - to hold business cards.  But I found that it served a much more useful purpose as a credit card holder.

Just inside the front cover is this window which I used as a place to list my telephone number so that if I ever lost it, the person who found it could contact me.  I know you may think this is ridiculous, but there are still people out there who will make the effort to get such an item back to its original owner.  I found a wallet on the ground a few years ago and mailed it back to the rightful owner without helping myself to any of his cash or credit cards.  He was so grateful that he sent me a Celine Dion CD.  I thought that was a very nice thing to do.

So if you find yourself having trouble keeping up with all your "cards" or  they are no longer fitting into your wallet, look for a binder like this to help bring some organization to the problem.  I found this at Target a number of years ago.  I'm sure they have the same or similar these days.  You could probably also find it online.  You can find everything online now.
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