Monday, February 17, 2014

My Lunch at Emeril's in Las Vegas

While we were in Las Vegas, one of the things on my list to do was to have lunch at Emeril's restaurant.  This is located in the MGM Grand Resort and Casino.

We were at the Encore Resoirt which is on the complete opposite end of the strip.  I walked to the MGM rather than taking a cab.  It was good cardio and it was also good to work up an appetite for lunch.

The MGM is enormous, just as all of the hotel/casinos.  So it took me awhile to find the restaurant.  But eventually I made my way there.  It has a beautiful entrance.  Lots of enticing, soothing light.  And once you are inside the interior of the restaurant is uplit with soothing light bathing the ceiling.  There are only a few spotlights over the center bar.  This makes for a relaxing environment in which to enjoy your food.

A shot of the center bar from my table.  Very sexy.  There wasn't much going on there since it was 11:30 AM.  But I'm certain that it draws quite a crowd for the evening cocktail hour.

Service was swift.  At least at this time of the day.  I was quickly offered a menu.  I will say that the menu is surprisingly limited.  I was not in the mood for jambalaya or gumbo so I opted for the Cornmeal Dusted Catfish Po Boy Sandwich with fries.

And a glass of cabernet sauvignon.  I know, I was having fish, but I don't know if the same etiquette applies today with only white wine with fish.  I think people are drinking what they want, when they want.  I don't make a habit of red wine with fish, but hey, I was in Las Vegas.  What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas baby!!!

To my immediate left was this beautiful glass wall with fanciful etchings.  I thought this was just stunning. And notice the tabletop.  All the tabletops are inlaid in a fish scale design.  Very pretty.

Very quickly my entree was whisked to my table.  I don't think you can adequately see from this picture, but the portions are enormous.  This sandwich was massive.  The plate seemed as large as a buffet serving platter.

I could only eat half of the sandwich.  It was different than any similar style sandwich I had ever tried.  The apple cider coleslaw gave a very distinctive taste to the sandwich.  It was very sweet.  And the tartar sauce was also very sweet.  Very unique and I imagine very much as it is done in Louisiana.

Finally, I had dessert.  I do not, as a rule, have desserts when I eat out.  But my good friend, Stephen Brener, told me that I must try the banana cream pie.  So I did.  This is something which cannot be described here or anywhere else.  You simply have to try it yourself.  The most delicious, over-the-top, extraordinary, spectacular dessert of any kind I have ever had in my life.  If you only go there for a slice of the banana cream pie that will be enough.  Out of this world.

So that was my lunch at Emeril's in Las Vegas.  If you find yourself in Las Vegas and you are looking for a place for lunch or dinner, I would recommend this restaurant.
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