Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Header for Spring

I was going to wait to unveil the new spring header for WTCA on the first day of spring.  But I decided since we have all had enough of winter that I would go ahead and unveil the new header today.

This is one in a series of headers we have designed and will be using over the coming year.  Change is necessary to stay current and to give you, our readers, interesting visuals as well as helpful advice.  We hope you like our new season specific headers.

Each new season in the coming year will open with a new header and useful information relating specifically to that season.  Spring cleaning in the spring; "throwing a garden party" in the summer, preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving in the fall; gift giving and advice on party planning and decoration in winter are just some of the items we will be covering.  This in an effort to stay current and on point in our mission to provide you, our readers, with the valuable information you have come to expect.

We look forward to your continued readership and to sharing some wonderful new ideas with you in 2014.
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