Thursday, June 5, 2014

You Can Make Your Own Bookmark

I am never without a book.  Even if I only have time to read a few pages each day, I always have a book going.  It might be a suspense novel.  It might be an autobiography.  It might be a celebrity diary.  No matter what the genre, there is always a book in my bag with a bookmark in it.  My current book is "Cary Grant" by Higham Moseley, copyright 1989.

In the past I have used a number of things as bookmarks.  Old envelopes, a piece of twine, a post-it-note, etc.  I do not like to "dog-ear" the pages of a book.  I decided that I wanted to have a nice bookmark as I made my way through my current book, so I made it myself.

This is so simple to do and you can make the graphic as simple or as fancy as you like.  I went with a black and white motif.

I did a Google search for "black and white abstract clip art."  There were quite a few to choose from, but I particularly liked this design.  I copied it and then pasted it in a blank document in Word.  I adjusted the size to my liking.  This is a little larger than a 4" x 6" index card.  I printed it on white card stock and cut it out.

And there you have a nice bookmark as you make your way through your book.  I positioned it a little further out in this picture than I would normally so you could see how it looked.  I generally only let it stick up from the pages of the book so that it is level with the hard cover.  This protects it from being damaged on the exposed end.  We could also laminate it.  I'm not certain if I will do that this this bookmark.  I'll have to think about it.
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