Friday, June 13, 2014

A Freshly Cleaned Deck

We cleaned the deck.  And boy did it ever need it.  I did not realize just how dirty it was until we used the Power Washer.  And below is a picture of that most sturdy little device sitting on a very unclean deck.

Steven showed up early on Saturday morning and started assembling all manner of hoses and such in preparation for a thorough cleaning.  You can see his shadow outline toward bottom left.  He was supervising the picture taking.

Early that morning, Cindy moved all of the furnishings from the deck to the patio in preparation for the cleaning.  Her help over the 5 days were much appreciated and enormously helpful.

Here are the three tall stainless steel planters which hold the Boston Fern.

Steven got started early in the morning, but not too early to wake the neighbors.  And off he went, power washer wand in hand.

Good job.  Looking good.

It was amazing to see just how dirty the boards were on the deck.  It's something that happens gradually and you don't realize how bad it is until you take a power washer to it.

Come back next week to see how it turned out once it dried and we got it all put back together.

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