Thursday, June 12, 2014

Someone's Mummy Has a Birthday Coming Up

And who might that be?  Me.  July 7th is the actual date.  I don't think my mother tells her age, so I am certainly not going to put that information out here.  No way.  I would like to be remembered in the will, thank you very much.

So, I am getting together the necessary items so that when the date arrives, I am ready.

We will start our preparations with a small black bag and one of these fanciful accessories from Hallmark. They added a line of accessories such as this a couple of years ago in the gift wrap section.  They have some really cute doo-dads which can easily be added to a gift bag.

Here we have our blank bag.  This could certainly serve on it's own without any decor.  If I were using these little bags for say, party favors, then I might leave them unadorned.  In the past I have placed a large rectangular tray of small gift bags at the front door which were filled with goodies for each of my guests to take home.  I have included a small baked good which I made myself, small bottles of champagne, cookies, candy, etc.  Whatever you like.  It's a nice touch to send your guests off with a little something to help them remember the evening.

These little accessories are so easy to work with.  You simple tear along the dotted lines on the back of the display card, remove the tape covering the adhesive square and press it onto the bag.

A few seconds later, you have a very cute bag in which to present your gift.  All we need do at this point is find just the right trinket, place it in the bag, add some tissue, and make our presentation.  Now, ... finding that trinket. Hmmmmm.

July 7th is on a Monday.  I cannot be with her on Monday, so we will drive down to see her on Saturday, July 5th.
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