Thursday, June 5, 2014

We're Baaaccckkkk!

We have been out of touch since last Friday as we took some time to spend with a special and dear friend. My friend Cindy came for a visit.  We had not seen each other in 35 years.  It was good to see her. We spent time doing what we like to do - mainly gardening.  We will share pictures of what we accomplished over the coming days.  But for right now, here is one of the things we got done.

We got this table of plants cleaned and organized.  There were some pots here with nothing in them and some with plants which did not make it through the winter.  All of that was removed and the table was cleaned.  I got the wicker basket planted with seedlings started in seedling pots.  Then we organized what we had.  Starting in the lower left corner and moving clockwise we have an agave, boxwood, arborvitae, diamond grasses, a basket which includes red bean noodle (a gift from Bev), pepper, nasturtiums and a hellebore in the center.  We had five days altogether to work in the yard and to catch up on what has gone on in our lives over the past 35 years.  It was a wonderful visit.  So good to spend time together again.
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