Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Midnight Black Mulch Around the Banana Tree

The banana tree is as vibrant this year as any year I can remember.  But we needed to spend a little time cleaning up the area around this lush tropical.  First we weeded the entire area.

This side of the garden was full of weeds and little seedlings which took hold from being dropped here from the wind.  It was a tedious job to pull up all of these tiny little sprouts, but very satisfying once it was all done. Of course the garden looked drab from the winter, so we freshened it up with a nice thick layer of the Midnight Black mulch from Preen.

Isn't that a spectacular look against the green of the banana leaves.  I love this.  Now that we have reached a point where the trees have stopped shedding, we can put this mulch down and enjoy it without tree refuse. 
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