Monday, June 9, 2014

Red Noodle Beans and Other Things

One of our seed packets from Bev at Christmastime was something called Red Noodle Bean.  I had never heard of such a thing, but was excited to get the seeds planted.

Well, here is the result of having planted those seeds.  This beautiful vine with these wonderful round shaped leaves which remind me a little of morning glory vines.  This pot receives direct sunlight from about noon through two o'clock each day.  That seems to be the perfect amount of sunlight for this plant.

Looking down from the top, you see the glossy, triangulated leaves of a pepper plant.  There is a small grass on the right and several sedum plants which are hard to see in this picture.  The lighter colored leaves are the sum and substance hosta we planted here a few weeks ago.  The hosta is not happy here.  Two hours of direct sunlight each day does not make for happy hostas.  So we removed this large hosta and a smaller variegated leaved hosta from the pot.

In their place, we planted this beautiful asparagus fern.

I love the way the asparagus fern fills the pot.  Once the Red Noodle Bean gets a little longer, we will add a small trellis onto which it can climb.  Over the coming weeks, we expect to harvest batches of Chinese Red Noodle Beans as you see below.

I have never cooked with these before, but there certainly is a recipe somewhere.  We will share with you how this turns out as the season progresses.
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