Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Store Garden Gloves

Since we are in the height of gardening season, I thought I would take time today to show you how I store my garden and/or utility gloves when not in use.

So, here are my multi-purpose gloves.  I use these for gardening or when moving furniture.  They are a good quality glove that were a gift from my friend Bev.  I like one pair of gloves which can be used for different projects.  When used in the garden, these can be easily rinsed and used over and over.  I do NOT like the standard issue cotton gloves which are intended for use in the garden.  They are too bulky and after one long session in the garden, they have had it.  The fingers of these gloves are form fitting which I find particular nice.

When I am done with my project, I roll them up tightly, fingers first, and secure them with a rubber band. Now they can be easily stored in a drawer, out of sight, and you have eliminated the problem of any creepy crawlies from entering and giving you a surprise the next time you put them on. 
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