Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Planting the Final Seed Packs

We have recently talked about the Red Noodle Bean plants which were started from seed we received from Bev at Christmas last year.  Red Noodle Bean was not the only seed we received.  We received many seed packs as you see below.

Here are six more seed packs we received last Christmas.  (Oops!  There are only five seed packs here. The sixth seed pack was Ashworth Sweet Corn.)

We bought six clay pots to start each packet of seed.

And a bag of Miracle-Gro Potting Soil.  I have really good luck with the Miracle-Gro soil.  If you have a favorite brand, then by all means use that.

As always, a chard of broken pottery in the base of each pot to cover the drainage hole.

I used a permanent marker to label the rim of each clay pot with the name of the seed that would be planted. Then I dropped the corresponding seed pack in each pot.

I found these Sharpie permanent markers at Wegman's in the school supply aisle.  They worked perfectly to label each pot with the name of the seed planted in that pot.

And finally, here are the pots, planted, labeled, and watered.  Three pots on this side.

And three pots on this side.

They will get the morning sun in this location which lasts until about midday.  I cannot wait to see the wonderful little green sprouts as they make their way up through the soil.
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