Monday, June 16, 2014

We Received a Box of Goodies

You remember our posts a couple weeks about my friend Cindy coming for a visit and spending five days working in the gardens and the yard.  Well, she may be gone but she is still thinking of us.  What appeared at the front door of Crest Avenue last Friday?  A box of goodies from her and her hubby, Ralph.  Look at the great things we got.

While she was here she told us about this wonderful glass cleaner called "Sprayway."  I'm always interested in trying something new and if I get a good review from a friend on the item, then I am really interested in trying it.  She swore Sprayway was the only glass and mirror cleaner to use.  We tried to find it in our local Wal-Mart to no avail.  So she was kind enough to send us not one, but two cans.  After giving this a try over the weekend, I must admit it is far superior to any glass cleaner I have used previously.  Thank you, darling, for recommending.  When these cans are empty, if we still do not have it locally, I will send you a check so we can restock our supply.  The Apple Butter is from a local farm near her home which I am anxious to try on a raisin English muffin.  Pesto - yummy on anything and everything.  And the little SqueezIt thingies are always nice to have for toothpaste tubes or tubes of anything (almond paste, hair products, etc.)

Thank you, again, for your kindness.  We appreciate your help in the gardens and your wonderful box full of gifts.  You are a friend forever.
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