Friday, June 6, 2014

An Iron Doormat as Garden Art

The longer we worked in the yard and gardens last week, the more creative we became.  At one point we found this iron doormat buried in the yard.  It had long since been taken it out of service as a doormat and it had made its way to no-man's-land.  After a thorough cleaning, we decided to place it in front of the cedar planter on the patio.

We considered hanging it horizontally.  But I liked it positioned vertically in the center of the planter box.  It looks like we also need to take the power-washer to the planter box.  It has gotten a little green with mold over the years.

Here is another picture taken early in the morning with the sun rising in the east.  I like this pictures with the liriope in the foreground.

And finally, a fuller view of this area.  The contoneaster horizontalis, which is the small leaf ground cover you see around the base of the birdbath, took a beating this winter.  But I see lots of new growth, so I think we will eventually see a full recovery.  We also got the birdbath leveled.  It had become wobbly and tilted to one side from many heavy snowstorms.  But Cindy was able to get it back on level territory and it looks marvelous.

What a wonderful look and a good job of finding a purpose for an item which brings beauty to the garden.  I have to give credit where credit is due and say that this was Cindy's idea which I wholeheartedly endorsed.

So as you are working in your garden this spring, look to recycle things which you are no longer using rather than discarding.  You will enjoy telling your friends about what you have done.  And maybe even inspire them to do the same.
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