Monday, June 9, 2014

We Moved the Hosta Garden

Last week, during our "Extreme Makeover" style cleaning of the back yard at Crest Avenue, I decided to move the hostas.  They were in an area next to the deck in which I am currently training English ivy.  The hostas were lost in the ivy.  You could not really see them and appreciate their beauty.  So, I moved them.

Here they are in their new location under the Sweet Gum trees.  This area gets a great deal of shade all day. Late in the day there is dappled sunlight.  But no direct sunlight at any time during the day.

They seem to be very happy here.  The soil here is very rich from many years of leaf decomposition.  We will come back and put down a layer of mulch to help retain moisture during the hot summer months.  In the back, upper left, you will see the sum and substance hosta which we removed for the Red Noodle Bean pot and transplanted here.

Along the deck we have potted two large upright ferns.  These are beautiful specimens.

And here is a shot of the bamboo grove.  I really love this.  It provides wonderful privacy and it provides shade so that we can enjoy the deck most any time of the day.  It also shades the back of the house, and that helps keep it cool so we run the air conditioner less.  A good way to help your wallet and the environment.
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