Friday, June 27, 2014

B'More Organic Drinks

When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2011, most prepared smoothie drinks were removed from my diet.  The carbs and sugar levels were just too high. That was a problem because I really enjoyed these drinks.

One day, not long ago, I stopped by my local CVS.  As I stood there, ogling the array of smoothie drinks I saw something I had not seen before called B'More Organic Skyr Smoothie.  Naturally, I was curious, so I took a bottle and examined the nutrition label.

And it was good news!!  A very reasonable 6g of carbs and 6g of sugar per serving.  Was I reading that correctly?  Yes, it turns out I was.  Finally a smoothie I could have without worry about spiking my sugar level.  There are additional flavors that I have yet to try.  I believe there is a cafe latte or something like that. I'll check these out some more and get back to you.

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