Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Begonia in the Garden

I love begonias.  We already know that from previous years posts.  I try to work them in to the landscape every year.  I like them in hanging baskets.  I like them in pots set out in the garden.  Wherever I can get the color and texture of begonias, I do it.  This year, I started with a couple pots in different colors.

First, these regal white begonias in a decorative terra-cotta pot.  Stunning.  I love this look.  And what I also like about this is the terra-cotta pot was originally purchased as a place to store the garden hose.  The back yard at Crest Avenue is so large that I need at least two, 50' sections of garden hose connected together to be able to water thoroughly throughout the summer when it is dry.  This pot would not be able to hold that much garden hose, so I decided to find a new purpose for it which I actually like better than the original intended use.

Here we have beautiful pink begonias in a pot in the center yard garden.  If you look carefully toward the back of the pot, you will see a little wire lambs head filled with sphaghum moss.  That is Leo the Lamb.  I got him from the Beekman Boys several years ago.  I thought he was particularly cute in this little pot.  And the placard in front for a beloved Fletcher, the Basset Hound.  He was such a handsome and wonderful boy and we think of him every day and miss him every day.  We love little Baxter, but we still miss Fletcher.  I like to think it was Fletcher who sent me Baxter.  Sort of guided us together.
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