Thursday, June 26, 2014

Candy Containers

Everybody likes a piece of candy now and then.  Maybe even two pieces, or three.  But everything in moderation.  I keep bins of candy at my desk and I am always happy to share.  I found these wonderful metal bins at IKEA which work perfectly as receptacles to hold candy for myself and my colleagues.

Here we have three flavors of Dove Promises; dark chocolate, milk chocolate and milk chocolate with caramel. Delicious.

These bins come with a top which can be easily removed and secured on the bottom of the bin.  That way, if you need the top later on, you have it right there.

Admittedly, this top has gotten a little roughed up on the one corner, but it is only stained, not scratched. That is easily removed with some Formula 409 and a paper towel.

They also had these cute round bins.  I thought this yellow would be cheery.

It is filled with Wint-O-Green Lifesavers and Peppermint Starlites.

Like I said, I keep these at my desk, but you could easily keep them in your pantry, filled with goodies for visiting nieces and nephews or neighboring children.  Or for yourself!  A cute and simple way to store candy.
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