Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Hydrangea Are In Bloom

Back on May 8, we talked about the hydrangea in the front yard at Crest Avenue.  At that early stage of the season, we were just starting to see the beginnings of new growth.

It was at this point that I cut back the wood from previous seasons making a much more compact plant.  I also cut away any dead wood.

A few weeks later, we visited this hydrangea again and were extraordinarily pleased with how robust it seemed.  I believe in this post I wrote that, since I had pruned rather extensively this year, I wasn't certain that we would have blooms; that we may not see blooms again until next year.

Well, ... I was wrong.  We are flush with the most magnificent blooms this year.  We have several which have already opened and many more just starting to peek through the foliage which will eventually flower.

The plant is sheer perfection this year.  Last year it was a mess.  The flowerheads were too heavy for the wood and it flopped all over the place.  This year, it is nice and compact and is clearly a show piece.  If we had a hydrangea society in town, I would most definitely enter this specimen.  And I love the purple/blue flowers.  Absolute perfection.
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