Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Bag of Flowers on the Subway

We got word yesterday that Steven does not have cancer on the right side of his neck.  We are very pleased to hear this.  On my way home last night I picked up this arrangement from a street vendor at the Farragut West Metro Station.  I thought it was time to bring some beauty and something uplifting into the house after a week of waiting and wondering what the test would show.  Happier days are ahead.  I am certain of it.

We are rainy and overcast in Washington this morning.  And humid.  The humidity has returned but not as severe as a few weeks ago.  This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so I hope to get a lot done.  There are some outdoor projects to be finished that I want to share with you.  And I'm thinking of a new dining room arrangement.  The days of the formal dining room are waning.  We just do not live like we used to.  And that is OK.  The only constant in life is change.  I certainly am not entertaining these days like I used to.  I couldn't tell you the last time I had a sit-down.  Things are usually done buffet style.  That seems to be the trend of the day.  I have been to many sit-downs over the years and I've had quite a few myself.  They can be daunting.  One can feel forced into making conversation when maybe it's an off night.  I never took my seat at any sit-down without at least two cocktails.  Whether I had them at the cocktail hour preceding the dinner, or I had them at home.  For me, there was a two martini minimum before attending any sit-down.  We will talk more about this over the coming weeks as we decide exactly what we want to do with the dining room space.

Tomorrow is my electrocardiogram.  I will leave early in the morning and the preparation for the test, the test itself and all things included takes about 4 hours.  Add in driving time to and from the hospital and you've got a full day.  I may not post anything tomorrow.  We'll see how I am feeling once this is all done.
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