Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Room Freshener and Sleeping Pill All In One

Does it get any better than that?  I found this really interesting item from Febreze and I had to try it.

Sleep Serenity it is called.  So it helps to freshen the air in the bedroom and and it helps the owner of the bedroom to get some sleep.  What a great product.

It fits very nicely on the base of this lamp on the nightstand.

Or, tucked out of sight behind my Nextbook tablet, which also serves as my alarm clock.  I love this little 7" tablet.  It fits perfectly on my bedside table.  It takes the place of a separate alarm clock, plus I can browse the internet, pay bills, make a blog post and play Candy Crush Saga all without ever leaving the bed, if I choose to do so.  You could easily place the air freshener behind a standard alarm clock if you did not want to see it displayed on the table.  (That cord behind the air freshener is to the phone.  We will talk more about the phones later this week.)  
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