Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Memory Foam TrueGel Pillow

Bed pillows.  If I had a nickel for every bed pillow I had ever bought and thrown away months or even weeks later, I would have a lot of nickels.  They always feel good in the store.  And the package always extols the properties and comfort the pillow will bring.  "Long restful nights of peaceful slumber followed by a morning of jubilant excitation and vigor."  Or something like that.  I have been searching for just such a pillow for many years now and have had no luck.  Until, hopefully, now.
I recently purchased two of these Memory Foam Trugel Pillows.  I have slept on them for about a week and here is my review.  I love them.  The cooling get side is wonderful.  I sleep hot, even in the winter. So for someone like me, these are a Godsend.

The item description for these pillows reads:

The Dream Serenity Trugel Memory Foam Bed Pillow features contoured support designed from memory foam and a cooling layer of gel that transforms this specially designed pillow into a temperature-balanced comfort zone. This Gel Memory Foam Pillow provides elevated pressure-point relief with a cooling effect that is ideal for tired and stressed muscles or simple, everyday relaxation and more regulated sleep. Designed with a protective, easy-wash removable cover, this polyurethane foam pillow refreshes your mind, body and spirit every night at bedtime.
Dream Serenity Trugel Memory Foam Pillow:
  • 100 percent polyester cover
  • Trugel temperature-balancing technology
  • Memory foam
  • Filling: 64 percent polyurethane foam, 36 percent gel
  • Dimensions: 21"L x 15"W x 5"H
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • Provides a soothing form of nightly rest and relaxation
  • Helps you sleep better with proper support under your head and neck
  • Bring this pillow with you while traveling to ensure a proper night's sleep while on the go
They are made of memory foam, so they do not have the same feel as a standard bed pillow.  So you will need to prepare yourself for a very different feel to this pillow.  But I can assure you that after only a few nights you will be delighted with the support and comfort these pillows provide.  Give them a try.  I think - I know you will be glad you did.
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