Friday, August 9, 2013

A Fun Way to Serve S'Mores Flavored Goldfish

Actually, this is a fun way to serve ANY flavor of Goldfish.  I put these little containers together recently and set them out for co-workers to enjoy.  I was so surprised at the reactions.  Many people thought it was the cutest idea they had ever seen.  So I thought I would share it with you.

First, get yourself a big box of S'more Flavored Goldfish.  I am using the 31 ounce box for this project.

You can use any flavor Goldfish you like.  I like them all.  My favorite is the Parmesan Flavored.  But for a sweet snack, these S'mores Flavored ones hit the spot.

The next step is to buy some of the little plastic cups like you find in deli's that hold condiments.  I found them at Sam's Club.

Fill each cup with a generous portion of your flavor Goldfish.  Make sure you do not overfill the cup because that will make the top hard to snap in place.  Also, if you are making these at home and transporting them to the office or to a friends buffet table, the tops are likely to come off during the move if you make them too full and then you will find yourself with a bag full of S'mores Flavored Goldfish and a bunch of empty plastic condiment cups.  You don't want that.  So fill to a little below the lip of the cup and that will leave enough room for the lid to snap in place tightly.

Add a decorative decal or cutout of your choosing.  I found these little adhesive-backed flowers at The Paper Source.  They are a Martha Stewart product.  Very cute.  A big gold or silver leaf tray of these sitting out with the different colored flowers on top is a very cute look.  Simple and quick to make and everybody loves the way they look -- and taste.

I would offer this suggestion also - if you are having a wedding and you are watching the bottom line, this would be a cute idea to give as favors rather than little ribbon wrapped boxes, which I have done for weddings.  Those can get very expensive.  You could fill these with jordan almonds and affix white flower petals or a color that matches the theme of your wedding.  I would stay consistent with the color for the all the containers for a wedding.  They would be fun if you were having a less formal beach wedding or a perhaps you chose to rent space at a local winery.  In that instance, you could decorate the tops with grape leaves.  Or you could simply tie a grosgrain ribbon under and over each cup and tie it off with a bow.  I'll try some of these suggestions and post the results here for you to see.


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