Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Containers, All In a Row

We recently talked about decorating some of the little plastic condiment containers and then filling them with goodies for friends and family.

Today, we are going to bump that idea up a notch.  We spent some time over the past week and put together these fanciful containers.  Remember, these are those small condiment cups that you can buy at Sam's Club for very little money.  You get something like 2,000 of them in a box.  So there are plenty available to experiment with and to use for party after party.  Here are some ideas we came up with.

The Rose Bowl

The Silver and White Bowl

The Champagne Ring

The Pearl Chiffon Bowl
And last, but not least

The Crystal & Pearl Pink Passion Bowl
All you need is a few bags of your choice of decorative flowers or anything that suits you and a hot glue gun and you are set and ready to go.  Once you have done a few of them, it goes quickly.  A really cute idea.  I have done trays of these and set them on the entry table by the front door for everyone leaving the party to take with them on their way home.  Fill them with whatever you like.  Sort of like the days of Studio 54. When the club closed there were huge trays of candy for everyone to enjoy on their way out.  This is just done with a little more panache.  An update on the Studio 54 theme!!
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