Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Banana Trees are Alive and Thriving

A couple weeks ago, I posted that my banana trees from Burgess Seed and Plants arrived.  When we unpacked them, they were a little worse for the wear.

You will remember this sad picture.  I told you at the time that the trip from the greenhouse to Crest Avenue was particularly hard on them, but that with time, they would come back strong.  As long as the root system was not damaged, we could expect to have nice, healthy plants.  So I am happy today to share with you that we do, indeed, have two nice, healthy banana trees.

There are still some dead leaves hanging on to them, but you can see they have begun to unfurl their banana leaves.

The one on the left is clearly the healthier of the two.  Although you cannot really see in this picture, the plant on the right is healthy and just beginning to send up its first banana leaf.  In the background of this picture, behind the fern and the begonias, you can see the gigantic leaves of the already existing banana tree.

Every day it unfurls yet another leaf.  It is already over my head and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall.  I know this banana is at least six feet tall at this point.

In addition to the banana tree, the ferns have done well this year.  This one on the front porch is particularly beautiful.

And another in a tall planter beside the front door.
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