Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Trip to Midlothian, Part One

A couple weeks ago, we set out on a Saturday morning to visit my family in Midlothian, VA.  Here is a pictorial of that trip.

We started out with the essentials - the cell phone, a bowl for Baxter's water, a cold bottle of water for Baxter, his collar and a gift bag for my mother which contained her garnet earrings.

We used the canvas Welcome to Crest Avenue bag to carry the items listed above and some additional items.

I packed Fiber One bars (super delicious and only 90 calories), Goldfish, cocktail sauce (we brought along some shrimp for shrimp cocktails at lunch), paper towels and wood floor cleaner in case little Baxter had an accident in the house.  He was actually very good and only lifted his leg twice.  For a stubborn little dachshund who refuses to be "fully" house-trained, that is a good record.

A road trip without Diet Pepsi?  I cannot imagine such a thing.

A layer of ice on top of the Diet Pepsi just prior to leaving.

And then into the refrigerator until just before time to leave.  I love this little Igloo cooler.  You can tell it is a little dated.  I have had it for many years.  It works perfectly to hold a six-pack of anything and even some food items on top of the drinks.  I put the shrimp on top of the Diet Pepsi.

Here we are just after leaving Cheverly on Route 295 which took us to the Capital Beltway and over the Woodrow Wilson bridge and into Virginia.

Baxter jumped out of his booster seat and decided he wanted to explore in the back of the car.  You see the coffee table turned upside down in the rear of the Jeep.  We took that to my sister since we no longer have use for it at Crest Avenue.

And here we are on the Woodrow Wilson bridge heading toward Virginia.  The Woodrow Wilson bridge is a drawbridge and it is opened from time to time to allow large vessels to pass either into or our of the harbor. Unfortunately, it is located on the beltway which encircles the city of Washington.  When it is necessary to raise it, traffic must be stopped in both directions and, as you can imagine, this causes havoc in a city that is already well known for its share of congested traffic.  Traffic on the bridge was very light at this hour of the morning.  However, once we left the beltway and merged onto Route 95 heading south, things changed dramatically.

Virginia Welcomes You.  The cardinal is the state bird of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Being a native Virginian I know that, of course.  Don't ask me the state bird of say, Nebraska or Wyoming.

Finally, a good photo of little Baxter.  He usually is in perpetual motion and it is next to impossible to get a good picture of him.  When you see pictures of him posted here, you have no idea how many shots are actually taken just to get one good picture.

And another of pretty boy.  Traffic was a nightmare on this trip.  It took us four and a half hours to get there. A trip that usually takes two and one half hours.  The return trip was equally as time consuming.  But we had a wonderful time and a delicious lunch, so it was well worth it.  I was able to visit with my grandmother who turned 94 years old in May of this year.  We all love her so and wish she could be with us for another 94 years.

Somebody was starting to get tired on this long trip.  But he wouldn't go to sleep because there was too much to see.

Tomorrow we will cover the return trip.
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